Earth Day in the Garden

In observance of Earth Day, we are opening the
San Carlos Community Garden to the public

Saturday, April 24th from 9:30am – 6pm

Please join us for a Covid safe, self-guided stroll through the garden that is bursting with the beauty and abundance of Spring. This event is Family Friendly, Local and FREE.

The garden is located in San Carlos next to the playing fields of the San Carlos Rec Center. The garden is on the school site of Springall Academy located at 6460 Boulder Lake. The garden is situated on the corner of Boulder Lake and Lake Adlon

Kid’s Harvest Opportunity!

From 9:30 – 12pm, Kids can harvest vegetables in our garden patch and school beds. This is on a first come, first served basis. Best to get their early!

Come view our San Carlos “poppy super bloom”, our new Monarch Butterfly waystation and brand new Pollinator bed. Smell the climbing roses in our Herb Garden, the Sweet Peas in our Garden Patch and SO MUCH MORE!

As you walk through the garden, we’ve placed these butterfly icons in 5 different areas we wanted to highlight.

The corresponding details for each area are listed below.

Thank you for passing through and enjoy your day!

This is our brand new pollinator bed. This was with a wild flower seed mix in October of 2020. Within 10 days we had our first sprouts and this has been an ever change display ever since. Right now, spring flowers are fading as warm season flowers have taken their place and we now have fruit trees that have fruited for the first time. Pollinators matter!

This is what the pollinator bed looked like before.

Here’s our pumpkin patch. We plant pumpkins for the fall and flowers and veggies for spring and summer.

Today from 9:30 – 12pm kids can come pick fresh veggies to try.

The San Carlos Community Garden is a composting hub for Food2Soil. What that means is we let them use a section of the garden and they make craft compost on site using food scraps that the community drops off. They have hubs throughout San Diego.

Since 6/15/18, our hub alone has diverted 32.31 tons of food scraps from the landfill and has sequestered as much carbon as 27 acres of forests.

For more information about their wonderful work, click the link below.


This is our San Carlos “California Poppy Super Bloom” courtesy of Richard and Tarnia Fahey.

No need to drive far or fight crowds to enjoy this.

This garden bed is being converted to an official Monarch Butterfly waystation. Right now the Monarch population has dropped so low that they are close to extinction. Milkweed plants are the only source of food for the monarch caterpillar. If you want to help, you can plant milkweed in your garden too. PLEASE only plant Narrow Leaf Milkweed – Asclepias fascicularis

Thank you for coming to the garden. You’re welcome back anytime. We are open from 9-11 every Saturday, January – October

Please make sure to take a complimentary package of wild flower seeds we made for you as you leave.

Happy Earth Day!